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~ what 2 know & where 2 go
Definitely the largest project to date, has been an incredible feat that has stretched our capabilities to include a considerable number of talents. was branded, designed, developed, produced, hosted and completely owned and managed by hi-octane communications & design. Our team writes, edits, photographs, produces videos, co-promotes, supports, sponsors, sells advertising and stimulates the community for which it serves. This ongoing project has been a labour of love and has enjoyed more than a half million international visitors from 185+ countries. has spawned the launch of, and has been freshly launched as the project continues to expand. Be sure to visit learn & enjoy.

ANTIGUA NICE tourism, hotel & restaurant website

Antigua Nice
tourism website
Antigua Nice is a national tourism website company in Antigua and Barbuda of the West Indies. When we began working with Antigua Nice to service their many clients, we expressed that their own brand required an overhaul. Though recently rebranded, after working with the hi-octane team, the owners of Antigua Nice developed a trust and decided to start from scratch with a new brand. We executed that brand, redesigned their website for a completely new look and tackled many of their marketing pieces from communications, to brochures, to signage and more. Antigua Nice's brand and newly designed website presented the company in a such a positive light, they expanded and fortified their position as the number one tourist website in Antigua.

REVIVAL BAR nightclub & event venue

Revival Bar
~ 783 College Street
A client dating back to 2003, Revival Bar has relied on hi-octane creative to fuel its marketing ever since. The latest website is the second hi-octane creation; with the first website serving Revival Bar for seven years. But the hi-octane's marketing support hasn't stopped there. A monthly eNewsletter, brochures, stationery, signage, promos, print ads, posters, large banners as well as online marketing including social media has been the thrust from hi-octane creative. is hosted and managed by hi-octane communications & design. hi-octane creative also services a selection of Revival Bar promoters with print material, online marketing and design. hi-octane also named the lounge in the lower level: The Stone Lounge.

TLANGHANS organic handmade soaps

organic handmade soaps
TLanghans is small Ontario business who arrived looking to apply their new brand and product photos to a website. Not only did we design and develop their website with a content management system, we added a complete eCom section for online shopping and then added to that, a mobile version of the site which also offers online shopping. Using Canada Post as a shipper the client edits their site and sells product retail and wholesale from the site. We continue to manage the site and host it on our server. In addition, we offer ad space on our network of online advertising (ads which we design). The site can be viewed at www.tlanghans.comand check it out on your mobile device.

BAYLEY DENTAL dental clinic

Bayley Dental
~ a new approach to dental care
In 2005 hi-octane creative was recruited by Dr. Bayley to brand his new dental practice. We set to work generating a logo, a brand, signage, communications material, photography and a new website. Fast-forward to 2011 and a revamp of the website was in order, so we rebuilt with considerably more content, added an appointment tool, social media connections and a database driven article section so the clinic's staff could easily add content on their own. Dr. Bayley has even made use of our stock photo library. Dr. Bayley's online ads can be viewed on and hi-octane hosts and maintains Dr. Bayley's website.

WADADLI TINMAN Antigua Tinman Triathlon

Wadadli Tinman
Antigua athletic website
They are the hardest working group of athletes in Antigua looking to grow sports tourism in Antigua. We designed and built their website with a content management system. We host the site and we assist with the content. The site is also advertised on And if you scroll to the bottom of the site you will see a nice little rotating banner ad module. We swap ad space with this group and for their sponsors. Visit the site site at:

LUXURY LOCATIONS premium real estate service provider

Luxury Locations Antigua
~ Premium Real Estate
This boutique real estate brokerage in Antigua, West Indies was founded in 2009 and we were there right from the beginning. Logo, branding, website and all the initial communications pieces was hi-octane creative. began as a small html site with a few premium properties. But we retrofit it with a Client Management System (no small feat with all the java scripts installed). As well as eNewsletter, signage, sell sheets, photography and online videos, Luxury Locations has utilized 365's websites for web advertising. Thousands of visitors have been linked into via 365's group of websites.

MEDICOR CANCER CENTRES Canada's first private cancer treatment centre

Medicor Cancer Centres ~
Private cancer clinic
Medicor Cancer Centres was founded in 2005 as the first private cancer treatment centre in the country. The team at Medicor hired our team for their logo, branding, stationery, booklets, a bit of photography and the design, development and maintenance of their website: has been taking care of their online communications for 6+ years, with a few adjustments along the way. We are now about to discuss a new structure for a new We anticipate a new launch later in 2012. The new site will definitely contain eCom, a database with CMS and much more. Stay tuned.

STANLEY'S ESTATE AGENTS real estate brokerage

Stanley's Estate Agents ~
Antigua's Real Estate Professionals
The original owner Brady Stanley hired hi-octane creative to launch, with logo, signage, communications and marketing material, signage, print advertising and photography services. In addition, Stanley's has continued to vigorously utilize's international reach with online advertising campaigns of rental and sales listings. Stanley's brokers continue to rely on hi-octane for the website's continued maintenance, evolution and upgrades with plenty of consultation to keep the site current in today's quickly evolving web environment. The CMS has been upgraded with a robust database, google mapping, animated galleries, translation and much more.

BRIAN CHAMBERLAIN green party provincial candidate

Brian Chamberlain
Green Party Candidate
Provincial party candidate, Brian Chamberlain approached hi-octane creative with campaign marketing needs. We generated some print communications material and built his website, based on the look of a Green Party colleague. We added a content management system, host it and included a few bells and whistles. We also photographed Brian on a sunny day and got some great shots which he uses and will use for his upcoming campaign in the next provincial election. Visit his site: and if you live in Richmond Hill, Ontario, considering giving him your vote.

DUNCAN INSPECTIONS home & commercial property inspector

Stephen Duncan Inspections ~
property inspector
A one-man business, Stephen Duncan needed everything: a website, a logo, photography, copywriting, corporate communications material. We took care of him via this simple website. We wrote where he needed it, created an attractive logo, included photography from our library, generated forms, formatted his considerable set of course certificates, host and maintain the site... all for a very modest budget. It's always great to help give a great look to a small company. Visit the website here:

BLUE HEAVEN VILLA Luxury Caribbean Villa

Blue Heaven
Antigua Villa
Blue Heaven Villa is a stunning destination in Antigua, West Indies. We came in, photographed, branded and designed the villa, showcasing it's beauty. The site is simple and hi-lights the villa's imagery: day and night. Enjoy the view from our lense and website: